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And they would have gotten away with it too…

…if it hadn’t been for those meddling women.

Honestly this is just so fun. Like My Fave Murder but haunted. Plus who doesn’t love some good old fashioned unsolved mystery telling. It’s campfire stories but with your best friends and more jokes.


Cults and crime

I love how funny they are! And informative! I’m obsessed!

nikki s

Love the Mystery Team

The mysteries they find are always entertaining, but there’s something truly magical about best friends just talking and sharing with each other.


Awesome, fun, entertaining, love it

I love listening to these ladies! They make me laugh with their little side jokes and their atmosphere is just intoxicating.

Dr. Pi

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We’re Maggie and Kayla, long-time best friends and co-hosts of Mystery Team Inc! We live in Los Angeles and we make funny stuff! We work in film and television and in our free time, we enjoy road trips, live music, big rocks and obsessively researching mysteries.