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Logline: Two best friends explore unsolved mysteries and the magic of friendship.

Description: Mystery Team Inc. is a feminist comedy podcast about unsolved mysteries, hosted by long time best friends Maggie Stabile and Kayla van de Bunt. Every other week we crack a beer and share an obsessively-researched story of an unsolved mystery. The show features true crime, aliens, mysteries of history and mysteries of science. Add one cup of comedy, one can of lite beer, and a sprinkle of The Magic of Friendship and you’ve got Mystery Team Inc.  

Episode Data:

  • Schedule: Bi-weekly episodes featuring a mystery told by Kayla or Maggie, with each episode alternating hosts. When one person hosts, the other comes along for the ride to provide commentary and comedic opinions.
  • Length: Approximately 60 minutes.
  • Format: The intro is a casual conversation, leading into about 50 minutes of mystery-time with a brief wrap-up at the end.
  • Where to Start? Whatever strikes your fancy! Find an episode with a subject that speaks to you and jump in. 

Mission Statement: At its core, the podcast is about story-telling, but it’s also about a sense of humanity and connection. We want listeners to feel that they are a part of our friendship. We’ve found that laughter is the best way to connect with people and make them feel that they belong. Life is full of mysteries, but it’s not always about solving them or finding answers. For us, it’s about the journey, learning, laughing, and sharing it with others.

Some Of Our Favorite Reviews:

Best Podcast Ever!

I have listened to every episode at least twice I love how they make even heavy topics fun, and Maggie and Kayla both have their own unique niche subjects they love to geek out about. But my favorite part of the podcast is their friendship; their banter and inside jokes and understanding of each other’s humor is the best part! They really make you feel like you are part of the group every episode! Can not recommend enough!

Love it

Me and my dad listened to this and got hooked, we’ve gotten everyone else in my family hooked too. They’re really funny people, and it’s a great way to get your true crime fix.

Dangerously Addictive!

There should be a disclaimer on this podcast that reads, “WARNING: The following podcast is highly addictive. If you are allergic to content that is extremely entertaining, infectiously funny, uniquely engaging, and consistently mentally stimulating, then consuming this podcast is not recommended.”

It is so fun listening to these life-long best friends crack jokes (and crack beers) and riff off of each other as they explore the “what-ifs” of various types of mysteries. The more episodes you listen to, the more familiar you become with all the inside jokes, running gags, and personality quirks of the hosts, which really multiplies the laughs and makes you feel like you’re not just listening to a podcast, but actually there in the room drinking with your friends. And because you get two new mysteries every episode — spanning topics such as murders, disappearances, UFOs, assignations, conspiracies, and even childhood imaginary friends — it never gets dull or boring, it always piques your interest, and it keeps you engaged and excited for the next episode.

Something I found impressive that is not typical for comedy podcasts is that when their mysteries intersect with relevant and important issues that face our society today, the hosts will take the time to set the jokes aside for a moment and address these topics, highlighting things that often get overlooked or downplayed in the media.

For me, MTI has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts and I definitely recommend it for anyone who enjoys history, conspiracies, UFOs, and the true crime genre… oh and laughing… a lot.

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